Making new friends as a freelancer

I think the hardest part of starting as a freelancer was all the time I suddenly had to spend with myself. I actually think that I’m rather good company and always up for a laugh, but that becomes a bit difficult if you only have a cat for company most of the day.

I then suddenly become anxious to meet new and exciting people, something that has never been an issue for me, but now I have to find creative ways to do so.

Hanging out with a visiting friend, I actually realised that I tend to know a lot of people. Yet, when its time to light the fire for a braai, I don’t really have that many people to call. The other night however, we decided to have a nice steak evening and invited a few friends over.

As it happened, all the guys were busy and we ended up being only five girls on the night. And what a wonderful evening it turned out to be!

We had beer on tap, thanks to my buurvrou, Die Biervrou, steak and salad and wonderful conversation. We laughed and drank beer and later wine while telling stories and supporting each other and mostly just having a good time.

Making friends in a new job is hard. When you don’t technically have a job its even harder, but enjoying the friends you have around you is a wonderful blessing!

How many guys do you know that could say they had a perfectly braaied steak and beer on tap at their last get together?

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