Adulting is hard

It’s 10 am on a Tuesday morning. I have checked all the job sites and sent my CV out once. I have gone through my Facebook feed and looked at everyone’s travel, baby and wedding pics. Now I am planning a vegetable garden, which I might get to sometime this year.

Why? This is what you do when you’re a freelance writer (read, unemployed). I have just started out. In fact, this is the first blog I have written in years that isn’t work related. I have convinced myself that I have writer’s block and that all my creativity is gone. Or maybe it was.

Now, I am living in my sister’s lounge, with a linen cupboard for my clothes and a blow-up mattress for a bed. I have started as a waiter at local bistro to make ends meet and most days I spend in my PJ’s.

Yet, I am happier than I have been in years. I have time to plan my new blog and web page. I can help out friends and family who work normal office hours by running errands during the daytime and I get to plant a vegetable garden on days I don’t have a deadline or a shift at the restaurant.

Starting out on my own was never a conscious choice. After a few badly planned opportunities I ended up here. I am lucky enough to have a family that acts as a safety net and gives me the opportunity to spread my wings and at least try this thing out.

Maybe I’ll make it, maybe I won’t. I have never had spades of self control or self discipline. But what better time is there to learn?

So this is the beginning of a new era – writing for the love of writing and sharing my struggles about being an adult. At least I can’t really reach a lower point than this!

UPDATE: I planted a herb garden!

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